Monday, September 04, 2006


I know, this should have been posted BEFORE August, but, oh well.

No, she's not flipping, she's just hanging there...Can you do that???

My last week at Lyondell...No, I didn't turn off that switch! This lasted for about two days. Million$$$ of dollar$$ up in smoke! This picture was taken from my parent's house. The flame, which you can't see behind the freeway too well was about 150 feet high. It shook every building at the plant.

Brock when he was blessed.

Our VERY dedicated ballerina. Can you say obsessive?

Our "Old" new hobby. It's had four flights with no crashes! We're still working the bugs out of it though. This plane is twice as old as Bryce! I recovered it, bought a new radio and have been working on the engine.

Start of School...and a whole lot more

We've been extremely busy these past few weeks. We've started school, (Bryce is in 4th, Blake is in 1st and Jenna is attending Pre-K all day at Sinton I.S.D.), Bryan's brother Chris got married, we went fishing with Uncle Jimmy, and three of the five kids have started soccer, ALL on different teams! Needless to say the next few months will be really busy. Bryan has gone back to work for Sinton. He really loves it there and the people love him. He even got a standing ovation at the beggining of the year breakfast!

Blake recently turned 7 and Jenna will be 5 on the 16th. Brock is doing very well and getting really big. He hardly ever cries and seems to have a very happy disposition.

Here are a few pictures, although we have a lot more I haven't had time to scale them down.


Monday, June 26, 2006

More pictures of Brock...

oh...and one of Jenna watering our Front garden.

With Big Brother Bryce!

Just looking cute...

Going HOME!!!

With Blake.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

New Addition

No, not to the our family! Little (the littlest of ours at least!) Baby Brock was born on Monday, June 19th at 5:02 pm our time. He weighed 7 lbs. 10 oz. and was 20 1/2" inches long. Momma and son are doing well. We will post pictures (we have a lot of pictures!) later. For now I just wanted to pass the word along. He was brought into this world three weeks early because Julie tends to have big babies. They estimate that if we would have waited he'd have been between 9 and 10 pounds. Dr. Noriega delivered him as she has done for all our other children. We will keep you posted as mommy and Brock come home.

This is Dr. Noriega who has delivered all five.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Cub Scout Awards

Blake earned 4 new beads tonight towards his Tiger Cub badge. He's done very well, and in his activities has done such things as visiting a news station, a fire station, and a museum. He's doing very well and having a lot of fun. Bryce would have earned some awards tonight too but he is currently in Dallas with Nana and Jenna helping aunt Sharon move in and prepare their new house.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Memorial Day Family Activity

For Memorial Day we got together at the Swain's and had a small bar-b-que. As part of the family fun we went on base and bowled. It was only $0.75/game. WOW!!!! We had a really great time. Of course, I think we had more fun poking fun at each other and watching the kids dance around.

We also took time to appreciate those who have died for us from the Revolutionary War up until today to allow us the freedoms we have. If you haven't already, I'd suggest ready "Prelude to Glory" a nine (yes 9) volume series about a fictional family with factional events starty pre-revolution war to the war of 1812. I was VERY entertained and learned a great deal about the birth of our great nation.

And from bowling:

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Congratulations Bryce!

Bryce finished this year with flying colors. He received 10 Awards (that's right, ten!) at the end of school. Some of the awards were for UIL competition, one for a spelling bee, two for commended performance on the TAKS, a trophy for best boy student and one for having straight A's throughout the year.

I think we're going to have to create a trophy room just for him!

The kids are excited about starting summer, and Blake has already started it off by staying at Grandma's house. What else are summers for?

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Sick and Tired

Well, it is close to the end of school. Is that good or bad? I guess it depends on who you ask and how you look at it. Jacie has been sick again with Scarlet Fever and the boys have been "sick" with only three days left of school.

They've both gotten straight A's so I guess we can't complain. Bryce was invited to participate on two Academic UIL teams and did well. Blake, well, since he was reading by himself before he ever started Kindergarten (he's his own best teacher) he's done extremely well. He seems to have a few girlfriends too. (Sigh...) Must get his looks from Dad and charm from Mom! : )

Jenna is doing well and Jacie is a ballet nut. I think between Charlotte's Web and ballet there isn't room for much else. If you made a Charlotte's Web ballet it would consume her life! Other than that life is pretty much normal between Cub Scouts, Church and work. One of these days I'm going to find out how to make money doing what I love...but being home with the family doesn't make you money yet.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Jenna's Ballet Recital

Jenna recently completed her first ballet class with a ballet recital. The name of the recital was the S.S. Munroe. It is owned by Ms. Munroe. Jenna's dance was "The Good Ship Lollypop". She was quite nervous at first and didn't want mom to leave her while she was getting ready. However, when the time came she was ready to go on stage and did wonderfully!

This picture was taken at her rehersal performance. We're very proud of her!

Our Trip to Seaworld

We recently took some time out to go to our favorite theme park, SeaWorld of San Antonio.

Bryce and the others had a chance to feed the dolphins. We ejnoyed the shows as usual and the day was perfect as far as the weather could be.

Jeremy, Christina, Jerry and Gary were able to go with us. It was good to have them down and enjoy some time together.