Monday, September 29, 2008

Great Expectations

Is it plagerism to steal a great title? With so much going on it is often hard to keep up with the many things you want to do,not just the things you have to do. Life is constantly changing, bringing with it the new challenges and experiences that we love and sometimes love to hate. Jay and Jesse are doing well in school as Jesse enters seminary time. Although we thought we had several years before we entered seminary events, life has brought us to it sooner.

As we discussed it today, we realized we'd have seminary duty for the next 19 years. That should be when our next little one will be finishing school. Yes, we are expecting number 6, ( or 8 with Jay and Jesse). That sure seems like a long time to endure getting up early after fighting little ones to get them to sleep. Although lately we're fighting the older ones too!

Bryce, blake, Jenna and Jacie are all playing soccer again. That makes for very busy Saturdays! They're all doing very well, as usual. My new calling in the Stake Presidency keeps us busy in a different way. It is not the same as being Bishop, but the travel is much greater. It is a calling that humbles me, but I truly enjoy it.

We look forward to the holidays to spend more time with family as Justin and his wife are in Galveston and Jeremy is now being stationed in Fort Hood. Sharon was down for a while as Chris is in Iraq and mom had neck surgery. We look forward to David graduating from law school in the next few years. He's already getting job offers. We're happy to be where we are, but look forward to the cooler weather, WITHOUT mosquitos.