Monday, January 05, 2009


Mom and Pop Swain are with us as she recovers from a broken leg.

One of our Family Portraits for Christmas.

"Those are Spirit Fingers, THESE are spirit fingers!"

My mini-me.

I've recently finished reading "The Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch. It has caused me to reflect upon the many things I'd like my children to know and remember as they grow. I also reflect upon my life and how quickly I seem to have gotten to this point. Sometimes I really wonder if life between 19 and 36 have really existed or was it simply a fitfull dream of tasks. I fear I've been too focused on the future of things to come and have forgotten to enjoy the now.

We have had a wonderful holiday season between Christmas and New Years. My job with a public school doesn't pay near what I could be making elsewhere, but having two weeks to spend with my family is truly priceless. Brock is my mini-me and I enjoy watching the others growing and loving life. Bryce is now a deacon and I cannot believe that this last part of his "youth" is at its inception. I am enjoying life immensely and feel blessed to be in my current state.

I truly believe that my family is my greatest possesion on this earth...and will be as we continue on after this life. I find more joy in the day by day and hope that I can remember to let them know that. We recently bought a video camera to capture those beautiful moments. I hope we fill up every possible media that we have with those wonderful memories so that they may enjoy them as well as they get older and move on with life.