Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Summer Time Events

Yes, I know...it has been quite a while since we have posted to our blog...and I apologize! We have been very busy traveling locally to bowling leagues, birthday parties, swimming events at the Aransas Pass swimming pool and such. Bryan has been gone to conferences in San Antonio and Katy Texas and work has been a HUGE project consuming a great deal of time.

One big change for him was that he was released as Bishop of the Robstown Ward almost 4 years to the day that he was called. That same day he was called as 2nd counselor in the stake presidency. It is a different calling in many ways but should provide a change of pace.

Julie is still busy selling jewelry (she's the new jewelry lady!) and doing well keeping track of that and the many kids. Other additions that have kept her busy are the three new kittens and four chickens. She's not far from being farmer Brown herself!

Jay and Jesse now have braces and Brock turned two this past month. He's growing so much and his communication skills are at that point of doubling every time you turn around. You have to watch out for that parrot!

Bryce, Blake, Jenna and Jacie are enjoying time at Grandma's and Nana's homes and trying to make the most of the summer time off. Jacie recently got her "school" clothes as she will start pre-school this year. She was quite disappointed to find that school didn't start for quite some time even though she had her clothes.

We welcome the recent rains as everything is much greener now. It has also been a nice break from the heat.