Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Early Christmas Ham

For those of you that know him, and if you don't then oh well, Steve Reed is a part owner of a new online journal. It is called LDS Journal and is the same premise as a blog, but it does not have public access. The journal is free, but they have a service to copy it to a DVD or print and bind it which I imagine is a fee based service. This is pretty good for those always traveling around or just find it easier and more convenient to post their thoughts and occurances on line.

Along the same note I'd thought of downloading everyone's blog and creating a bound book. Anyone else looked into this yet?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Back To The Story !!!!!!!

Did you read my other post??? If not read it?look at it first!!!!!!!!Still why I want a Finch!!!The reason I want a Finch is because they're CCCCUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Well are you really serius!!!!! MY dad is going to go to work BYE!!!!!!!!!by:bLAKE bROWN.

p.s. Blake's first post never made it to the site...I'm sure he'll be quite saddened to find out.

Friday, February 08, 2008


Austin TCEA - I've experienced an ifinitely small portion of the problem of problem this week. As I've walked around with my Network Administrator who is older than me and we've talked to vendors they've always started talking to him first. Once they learn that I am the boss they focus their attention on me and continue their discussion. This morning, in a session, I walked in with Holli Horton, who does teacher development in technology, and Duane who is the network admin. I sat in the middle of the two and an older lady who was going to give the presentation talked first to Holli, gave her some notes, scanned her badge, and then proceeded to do the same with Duane. Now, Duane and Holli are a bit more dressed up than I, but she just totally ignored me. She didn't say hello, who are you or even acknowledge I was there.

Now, I don't think she did this to be mean. However, it was an interesting socialogy experiment in which it seemed that she just assumed that since I was younger and not all dressed up that I wasn't anyone worth adressing. The bright side of the issue is that I won't be receiving any junk mail from them!

This whole experience made me reflect and wonder if I ever discrimenate or assume something about someone just because of the way they look. I know I've done it in the past. I recall judging people on the way they looked only to find that their personality was no where near what I thought. Some help that along by TRYING to be different, but sometimes we make assupmtions regardless on if someone is smart, nice, rich, or poor, or even in charge on age, looks and dress.

Have you ever judged someone on appearance only to find out you were wrong in your assumptions?

Thursday, February 07, 2008

One step from Romney

(Note: I wrote this post before I heard later today that Mitt Romney pulled out of the race. I've had a hard time thinking about voting for John McCain, but I agree with what Mitt Romney expresses below:

With our nation at war and many Democrats advocating retreat, Gov. Romney believes our country must stand united.

· Governor Romney has decided to suspend his presidential campaign.

· Gov. Romney has considerable support and resources, but his chances of success have been diminished. He has won eleven (11) states and over 4 million Republicans have voted for his vision of conservative change in Washington.

· Gov. Romney believes that by continuing on he would only forestall the launch of a national campaign and thereby aid the Democrats. He simply will not let his campaign be a part of aiding the Democrats and their vision for retreat in the face of terror.

· Republicans cannot afford to be divided in the general election. Senators Clinton and Obama have made known their intentions regarding Iraq and the War on Terror – retreat and defeat. If Republican are divided, we will watch in 2009 as the opponents of traditional values advance their agenda, heavier economic burdens are placed on families and our economy slows down.

· Even though they may disagree on a number of issues, both Gov. Romney and Sen. McCain agree on the need to win this struggle against violent Jihadists. In this campaign, both Gov. Romney and Sen. McCain have made known where they disagree on the major issues facing Americans today. But when it comes to our national security, winning in Iraq and defeating Al Qaeda, he could not agree more with Sen. McCain.

· Gov. Romney entered this race out of love for America and to build a better tomorrow for future generations. It is because of that love that he will now stand aside.)

Ok, so I'm not anywhere NEAR being related to Mitt Romney. However, I do support him in his bid for President. Moreover, my first companion in the mission field was a sponsor for him in Oklahoma and organized a meeting for him recently there. Mitt was photographed holding Thad Balkman's youngest. Pretty cool! He also wrote in his son's journal who was baptized on Super Bowl Sunday. Congratulations by the way! I hope all of us here in Texas get out and support Mitt Romney, we need someone of his caliber in the White House now, more than ever.

More Christmas pictures

Here are a few more pictures taken around Christmas time. Enjoy:

More of Austin

Bryan - While in Austin, Holli Horton who works with me, REALLY wanted to go to Whole Foods, a grocery store. However, this store is a bit different from HEB. As you can imagine from the name, the foods are, well, "whole foods" or healthy foods. Well, maybe Hippie foods is a better description because they DID have Blue Bell and Ben and Jerrie's ice cream. I've been drinking water all week and wanted some flavor so we looked around the beverage aisles. I never knew there were soooo many different types of wine and beer. We finally found the waters and across from that were flavored health drinks. I got one that has a pound of fruit in a bottle less than the size of a 20 oz drink. It has 23 strawberries, 2 apples, 1 banana and a "hint of orange". The name of it is Naked. It is supposed to be "All Natural Well Being 100% Juice smoothie". I'm sure it is really good. I found many other drinks but bought two. One is supposed to clean out all the pollution from your lungs and sinuses (had a "different" after taste) and the other one is called "Brainiac" and is supposed to help you think clearly. Maybe I need a case of both.

The most interesting thing about the place though, besides all the deli food (it smelled and looked wonderful, did I mention the HUGE sesciton of chocolate) was that there wasn't one person (besides us) who was anywhere near overweight. OK, the dancing workers in the aisles were quite odd, but this is Austin.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

So that's what they mean...

Bryan - I'm in Austin this week for the Texas Computer Education Association conference. I had often seen the "Keep Austin Weird" bumper stickers and thought it was just a cute gimmick. I'm beggining to think otherwise...maybe they're serious! So, there is this homeless "guy" named Leslie who lives downtown. Seems that Leslie (who wears women's clothes,and did I mention he/she was homeless?) ran for mayor not too long ago after it was encouraged to do so. Wonder how many votes she/he/??? got?

I'm walking around this HUGE convention center and see many bathroom signs for females and then one for male/female...wish you could see the sign. I'm told this is for those who are undecided, or that it is a "community" bathroom. I don't even let that happen in my house! I can just imagine being at the urinal while some lady walks in to the stall next to me. Excuse me?!?!

There have been some other interesting items but I don't quite remember them right now. I think that is a self defense mechanism to preserve sanity.

Eating is great though. (Even better since I haven't paid for any of it.) Yesterday for lunch we went to Fogo de Chau. For those that know it, yep I was full. For those that don't, you can't even begin to imagine the salad bar with WONDERFUL items including cheeses, dried tomatoes, huge green olives, dried meats, etc...Then when you're ready for the second course the gauchos walk around with meats on skewers and slice it for you as long as you indicate that you are hungry by showing the green circle. If you are ok you flip it over to red. Great MEAT!!! Did I mention this is a Brazilian Steak house? Don't bother asking for a menu...there isn't one. And price? If you have to ask...you REALLY don't want to.

Then, as if that wasn't enough, we had dinner at Louie's 106 on 6th street. Ok, aside from the Mardis Gras celebration there on 6th street it was really good food. I looked at the menu and it started at $20/plate. I had a HUGE pork chop dinner (2 inches thick) and a great creme brule (brulay, sp?).

Tonight's dinner is downtown and so is tomorrow's. I think I'll need to walk home to Corpus. I don't usually do this...(I'm known to get food and go back to my hotel room), but sometimes you have to live large!

The sessions have been pretty good, and there are a ton of vendors. Now I just have to get home and implement all that we've learned.