Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Friends, Family and Fun

First, let us thank Kenny and Karen for hosting us this past weekend. Julie and I had a great time getting away from the kids for a weekend and enjoying the great outdoors in Houston. I had a great time playing golf with Gary, Kenny and Grandpa, even if I didn't enjoy most of my shots. Isnt' that what golf is all about? :)

Fortunately for me, the one shot I made from the tee when Julie was around was a great shot! I just wish we could have sunk some of those putts guys. We also had a great time in the pool. I appreciate the offer to bring the kids up this summer. Know that we will do it!

As I work to help our administrators at school prepare for the 20 to 30 FLDS kids we'll soon have in district I am greatly thankful for my kids and the security we have. It would be scary to have our kids taken away to an unkown location. I feel for them and hope their transition will be relatively smooth. We need, in these latter days, to make sure we stick up for our basic constitutional rights and freedoms that Heavenly Father has given us.

Well, off to church...another great freedom!