Monday, September 04, 2006


I know, this should have been posted BEFORE August, but, oh well.

No, she's not flipping, she's just hanging there...Can you do that???

My last week at Lyondell...No, I didn't turn off that switch! This lasted for about two days. Million$$$ of dollar$$ up in smoke! This picture was taken from my parent's house. The flame, which you can't see behind the freeway too well was about 150 feet high. It shook every building at the plant.

Brock when he was blessed.

Our VERY dedicated ballerina. Can you say obsessive?

Our "Old" new hobby. It's had four flights with no crashes! We're still working the bugs out of it though. This plane is twice as old as Bryce! I recovered it, bought a new radio and have been working on the engine.

Start of School...and a whole lot more

We've been extremely busy these past few weeks. We've started school, (Bryce is in 4th, Blake is in 1st and Jenna is attending Pre-K all day at Sinton I.S.D.), Bryan's brother Chris got married, we went fishing with Uncle Jimmy, and three of the five kids have started soccer, ALL on different teams! Needless to say the next few months will be really busy. Bryan has gone back to work for Sinton. He really loves it there and the people love him. He even got a standing ovation at the beggining of the year breakfast!

Blake recently turned 7 and Jenna will be 5 on the 16th. Brock is doing very well and getting really big. He hardly ever cries and seems to have a very happy disposition.

Here are a few pictures, although we have a lot more I haven't had time to scale them down.