Monday, April 16, 2012

The Blue Angels

So, I had just driven to Javelina Stadium (in Kingsville). I had gone with my whole grade, and I thought it was going to be pretty fun, oh, was I wrong. We were supposed to meet the Blue Angels, and we had. Some of my teachers had gone on and on about how fun it would be to go meet the Blue Angels and see The Leap Frogs, which is the parachuting group from the Navy or Marines. I am not entirely sure which. I was pretty excited. I was even more excited because I was going in a group with one of my best friends, Michael. (Now, I will explain Michael in a later post.) We were all ready to go. Our group was walking out the door and out to the bus. Our bus driver was a coach, and boy, he likes to go fast. (We were first there and first back from our school.)

When we got on the bus, we weren't at the front of the line, so we had just taken an empty seat at the front, and if you go to public school and ride the bus, you know why people sit in the back. And this bus was fairly new and quite shiny. So we were talking along when an aide comes up and asks us to move. We got up and started towards the back of the bus. There, in our horror, we found out that there were no more seats open. Therefore, I had to sit with a kinda weird guy, even though many people may think of me as weird, ha. Every time I tried to do something, he would copy, and wasn't very good at copying either. I mean, how many people like to be copied by the annoying kid most people don't like? Well I don't. It was pretty quiet on the way up there. It didn't feel like very long either.

When we arrived at the stadium, we walked our way past little kids all wearing the same things. We had gone through the place where you get your concessions and had seen part of the field. There was an outhouse shooting out flames... I mean, what is up with that? How many people have seen an outhouse shooting out flames before? Well that was my first, and I hope the last. I feel bad for the guy that is in there. If you know what I mean. So I had walked up the steps with Michael behind me. We found ourselves way up to one of the top rows just to the right of the box, if you were in there, we would be to the right. Now there was this girl sitting in front on me. And she was the very, very annoying one. Uh-oh. Michael didn't have a very good reputation for being 'normal' or meeting the 'status' quo. In accordance, she tried to annoy him. What a stupid little girl. She messed with the wrong Michael. I bet, she wished she had been sick the day with pneumonia. Michael could've annoyed the crap out of her, if it was possible.

Well it turns out that 3 of the things that were supposed to be there couldn't make it. So we were cut short about 2 hours. When we returned to the school I had some how popped up with a bloody nose. Just like the one I had at 3 that morning. Ugh, these things are getting annoying. When I got to the Nurse's office, the sub. nurse had given me ice, what the? What will ice do? But, it turned out that it had made it stop. Although when I went back to class and took the ice off for a minute, it started back up again. Lucky me! My teacher let me go to the bathroom, and I got it to stop again. That time it hadn't started back up without the ice as my companion. We were going to watch a video but we couldn't get it up because of legal reasons, with copyright stuff. So my Dad had to control my teacher's computer and setup a program to ensure it was legally being shown. (He is Technology Admin at my School District.) Right as the video was starting, the bell rang. Time for Science, probably another video. When we had gotten settled in and the tardy bell rang, we started the video. We had just gotten past the legal stuff again when someone called on the PA for me.

Time do drive back to Kingsville. Every week that the Blue Angels come to NAS Kingsville, my family goes. It turns out that my grandpa works there and we don't have to get checked and what not. We got down the airstrip to go watch the other people fly before the Blue Angels. They were pretty cool. Then, the Blue Angels took off and they flew. (Right now I am pretty tired, so I am going to finish this post off.) So yeah, it was pretty cool an all. We had lots of fun, and I got a lot of good pics. I might out some on later. So seeya!