Monday, April 30, 2007

Grandpa's 80th

We went this past weekend to Clifton to celebrate Grandpa Warren's 80th birthday. We loaded up the five kids, plus the two of us and Nana in two cars and made the 6:30 hour trip to Gatesville on Friday. That doesn't include the Whataburger stop in San Antonio.

We made it to Gatesville after answering the same questions for hours on end. Yes! We know you want to go to grandpa's...that's where we are going!

The day was good. We had a great time and took a few pictures. It could have only been better if we could have gotten some more genealogy. I did get another "war" story out of grandpa. He was stationed in California in the Army. They were having war games and his group had to hold a hill. It seems, though, that blanks don't convince the enemy that they are dead! He also told about a time that him and two other guys went out and raided the apple orchard after being ordered not to do so...on his way back, the officer who gave the order asked for his share of apples. It seems that he knew some would go and even gave them directions after he told them not to do so! Grandpa always was a farm boy.
My Hawaian Girl?

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Keeping Busy

Between his full time job as Director of Technology for Sinton ISD, starting his computer business with B&R Technology Systems as a partner, and trying to start a home building business in New Mexico with Michael Bradley Homes, LLC, as well as being Bishop of the Robstown Ward, Bryan doesn't get much time at home with his sweet wife and family. Fortunately technology has helped bridge some of that gap. Over the past few weeks Bryan and Julie have been able to communicate using google's new gmail chat. Bryan is also able to keep up with his business partner in New Mexico and reunite with friends in Argentina...sometimes all at the same time!! Isn't technology wonderful?

We've had wonderful weather the past month, even inspite of the tornados to the north. Fortunately we've been spared any grief with that. We know that the hot weather is coming so we are trying to enjoy the coolness as much as possible.

The kids have been doing wonderful. Blake was chosen to be part of an ad for reading at Barnes & Nobles. Bryce has just been doing wonderful in school and Jenna is enjoying her year in pre-school. Jacie and Brock are growing faster than we thought possible.

The Lord has blessed us tremendously and we are happy to take as many blessing as we can get. Life is truly wonderful at this time.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Our New Home

Here is our new home. It is right next door to the house where I grew up and where Mom and Dad still lives. This gives us a great opportunity to work in the garden and for the kids to visit Nana and Papa. We love the big yard and the kids love to ride their bikes out in front.

We have a wonderful time tending to the flowers as well. The kids have a huge playhouse in the back and do not tire easily of being outside, which is a good thing!

I've found new solace and relief in working in the gardens. Dad has a vegetable garden and I have the fruit garden. Although he does compete rather well with me in that area too. His mulberry tree has produced an over abundance of mulberries and we eagerly await the mulberry pie we have been promised by Nana. The kids love to pick the mulberries, although they look like they have been walking in wine when they get back!

We're currently growing watermelon and canteloupe. By providence we also have potatoes we'll see how they do! They were part of the compost that was tilled into the ground as I prepared the soil.

Dad has squash, zuccini, bean, corn, onions, cucumbers and peas. It is a beautiful site to watch the sprinklers in the evening and see how well everything grows. The tomatoes continue to do well.

Dad's roof is finally done. It only took three weeks to complete. I told him that in 25 years, when the next one was going to be put on I was going to pay someone to do it, no matter the cost! I don't think he'll argue too much with me when that time comes.

Christopher is doing well as a police officer in Portland. David and Erin have moved to Provo where he has been accepted to BYU - Law School. Sharon and her husband Chris live in Dallas now, as he is stationed there for the Marines.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Easter 2007

We've had big changes in the past year. We have a wonderful new home with a great backyard. The neighbors are pretty good too! We live next door to my mom and dad, the house that I grew up in. Brock is growing tremendously as well and the rest are becoming so grown up! Here are pictures from Easter.