Thursday, December 06, 2007

Tis the Season

AS we approach the Christmas season, well fed from the Thanksgiving season, I often reflect on the many contacts I wish I kept. We have been intending (yes I know where that road leads) to put all our pictures together in a book for future reference.

Side note: A friend of ours uses software to organize her pictures, write anectdotes on pages and then sends it off to be published. Her own little family annual! You can do it online at or put it together with another program and follow the suggestions here:

I suggest doing some research in your local hometown or on the internet to find the best pricing and service. What a wonderful way though to keep those 100's (ok 1000's) of digital pictures we snap and keep on the CD's collecting dust.

BTW, did you know many CD's are only expected to keep good data for 5 years or so? It really depends on the quality of CD and how it is stored.

So, long story short, as a Bishop, I look around my Ward and see many families and individuals in need and am extremely grateful for all I have. I still work day to day and worry sometimes how I'll pay the bills. However, I have a wonderful family, a beautfiul house, and a very supporting and loving wife. I love my job and couldn't (well, I could) ask for anything more right now. Maybe a back that didn't hurt too much.

Bryce is growing and doing well on the Robotics team at his school. Blake is in UIL (writing I think) as well. Jenna is doing well in her classes and loves her teacher. Jacie spends most of her time at Nana's house (when she is home). And Brock is gaining a personality all his own. He may not have many words, (Pa - for Dad, Papa Brown, and Popcorn, which by the way he is obsessed about. He drags the popcorn maker out every morning.) but he knows well how to communicate his needs and wants.

Winter is a nice time of year to reduce somewhat the growing electricity bill. I don't know if we'll ever know if the heater works in my house. Thank you for wool blankets when needed.

I just hope that we all can reach out a little further to those around us who need a shoulder or helping hand. Enjoy Christmas and know that we love you.