Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Why I want a guinea pig - by Bryce

The next pet I want is a guinea pig. So far from what I've learned about guinea pigs is they need a lot of care. I want a guinea pig because I want a pet that is playful and not big but not small. Guinea pigs are not expensive but the stuff they need costs a lot. I think they look cool and cute the same time. Here are some pictures I found.


Here are some facts about the guinea pig that I learned:

CostWhen you first get your pet, you’ll need to spend about $35 for a cage. Food runs about $75 a year, plus $25 annually for toys and treats, $50 for an annual veterinary check-up and $400 per year for litter and bedding material. We recommend getting your guinea pig from a responsible breeder or, even better, adopting one from a shelter or small-animal rescue group.
Housing Guinea pigs are social animals who prefer to live in small groups. If you keep two or more females together, they will become great friends. If you want two males, it’s smart to choose two babies from the same litter. Since guinea pigs, like all rodents, multiply rapidly, keeping males and females together is not recommended.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Meaningless Meanderings

So as I lay down to sleep last night I wondered why it is that when we are thinking of things to say there seem to many words floating around. However, when we go to write out what is in our heads it sure seems sparse on paper (or this case the web). Perhaps that is the curse of being a male, words seem to fail us. Or perhaps we are just pre-programmed to sum things up in short, concise phrases. You'd think after being a Bishop for three years I'd learn to drone on and on, and on...(sorry, getting carried away there.) Side note: Reminds me of the character in one of Shakespeare's plays that goes on and on about brevity being the sign of inteligence and therefore he'd be brief, after his five minute explanation of brevity.

I have often thought about writing a book or story, but after a few pages I've said all I wanted to say. Now there's a good book. "Hey Larry, did you read that NY Best Seller the other day?" "Yeah Joe, I read it while I was waiting for my microwave lunch to cook."

Maybe that's what our culture needs though. I mean, we've become a society of instant gratification (or disappointment) and we don't seem to like to wait for anything. You can get married or divorced in a hurry, lunch, dinner, registration for vacation or school; it's all done in the blink of an eye. Have we forgotten the joys of sitting on the porch and watching the sun go down? Are we TOO rushed? Don't believe me? When was the last time you got impatient for the microwave popcorn to finish?

So, with that in mind, maybe we need to come out with a new style of book. Not the Harry Potter 700 and some odd pages long story to finish it all off (this book actually seemed rushed to me. I think it could have extended on to another volume, but by then my eyeballs would have dried out.) Maybe I could write a guide to the world, in an expansive 20 page book. It would cover all the need to know information on how to get a better job, live in peace with your neighbors (in-laws would take an additional page, JUST KIDDING!), the secret to happiness, etc... Perhaps this would be the most widely read book in the world, brining peace and harmony to all.

I'd start writing it right now, but it'd take too long, and my favorite show is coming on. I guess I'll have to settle for writing the cliff's notes. Well, I guess I've finally accomplished what I wanted to do, which is write more than two lines...not that it's worth anything. Partly I just wanted to see what would happen if I wrote down whatever was in my head. Now THERE's a scary thought! Try it sometime. Just sit down and write whatever comes up. Can you imagine if you did that all day long? It'd be neat to read I'm sure. In fact, this post didn't end up anywhere near where I first imagined. But I guess that's the point of meandering. It takes you to places you've never been or supposed you be. Which brings me to my next thought.

What places would you visit if you could go anywhere in the world? I've always wanted to go to Ireland (roots) and Germany to see the castles. I'd also like to visit Alaska. Maybe someday.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Faces of Brock

Since mom and dad are so busy, and I'm the last in line, I thought I'd share some of the pictures dad has taken of me. Digital technology is great, but he's not so great at printing them out. Mom says it has something to do with a squeak every time he opens his wallet, or blood out of turnips. Whatever that means.

So here are some of the many faces of Brock. This first one is when I give out and falls asleep on Bryce's chest. Bryce is such a good big brother!

And then there are those picures of me eating dad's birthday cake. Or should this be WEARING dad's birthday cake?

Follow this up by one of my "not so happy" moments.

I hope you've enjoyed some of my pictures. If you want to see more, bug mom and dad. I can help them post the pictures if they need help. Sheesh.

New Job

So, I don't officially start my new job until Monday, September 10th. However, I have already been to Calallen twice for meetings and other duties. It's hard to stay away though when you just walk across the street to your office. I dare anyone to have a better commute! There will be a lot to do there, but I look at it as an opportunity to shape a network and a department the way I want to. Right now, as far as the higher ups are concerned, the slate is clean and mine for the writing! The district will host a bond election on November 9th, and if it passes we'll have approximately 3.5 million dollars to create a totally new infrastructure, video conference rooms, and anything else we can imagine.

On the other side, Julie is in the beginning stages of opening a dance studio. A friend, and fellow church member, already owns one in Alice. She has had such success that Julie has convinced her to open one in Calallen. They have been eagerly looking at storefront property, conspiring on business and dance plans, and dreaming of all the possibilities. She's excited, and I'm really excited for her as well. Now we just have to find a place for some of the rugrats in the "tween" times when her classes start and I'm at work. I guess that's the privilege of being an older sibling...babysitting time!