Friday, January 06, 2012

The importance of Dates.

I have found, and was previously counseled, that it is important to continue to have regular dates even after you are married.  I would go so far as to say that it is imperative once children arrive.  So much of our time is spent in loving, teaching, counseling, correcting, and playing with them that we tend to lose our "me" and "us" time that we once had.  And so it should a degree.  I try my best to have regular dates with my wife, and they continue to be wonderful times together, and away from all other worldly headaches!  Sometimes they are dining events, sometimes just short shopping trips, and on occasion the wonderful opportunity to attend the Temple together to re-focus on our eternal goals.

These outtings keep our marriage and love fresh and save us from the insanity of day to day affairs.  There is one other "date" that I've found to be equally important though.  I've started, and hope to continue, one on one time with each of my children.  They, and I, look forward to the chance to be together, without anyone else, and learn about each other.  We may go hunting, working, or even take a short trip to Dairy Queen for some quite "us" time.  I truly believe that these will build into the best memories of their childhood, and, more importantly, into a relationship that will foster trust and eternal family bonds.  They will hopefully know that I love them and that they can approach me with anything that ways on them, or that even excites them!

My family is what brings me the most joy, and this time with them is so short, but important, as it shapes our eternal relationships in the time to come.

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