Thursday, January 05, 2012

Old Journals and Snuggies

So I started reading posts on the blogsite itjustgetsstranger. My brother, David, made me aware of the site, and I thank him for it. Reading the posts have been a blessing of hillarity in the sometimes bleak clouds of daily issues and grinds in the I.T. world. I think some of my staff feel I'm about to crack because they hear me trying to stifle my laughing and chuckles at the down to earth posts that strike a cord because they are all to real.

One series of posts in particular really made be think (and laugh) about how the world sees us as we leave behind our sometimes mindless rambling (kind of like this one!) on pages we call journals. The author would type earlier journal entries from his youth and comment on what he found. It makes you realize that even WE don't fully understand younger selves sometimes.

I'm not so sure I want my kids to read my journal posts. Some of the entries I would swear were written by strangers, aside from my "handwriting" stating otherwise. Other entries I'd rather just have shreded, burned, and then disolved in acid which is then buried with nuclear waste that no one will want to examine for a thousand plus years. Really. What makes us feel compelled to write down some of the random thoughts in our heads? Perhaps we're just tired of having them and hope that by putting them on paper we won't have to think them again!

So, I'm going to think twice about what I write...or type, the future. But, if you want to get a good laugh at someone else's strangeness (allbeit seemingly normal attitude since we all do it) I encourage you to visit the itjustgetsstranger site. It will make you feel better!

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